3 Day Summer Retreat near Århus
with Maria Lykke and Douglas Crawford

July 3. - 6.

We feel very inspired to share the love, fun and inspiration that pour through us when we join minds, working with our joint favourite unlearning tools, ‘A Course In Miracles’ (ACIM) and ’Source Breathwork’ (Rebirthing). The blue self-study book and the breathwork have been a knockout for both of us - helping us remove our inner blocks.

We would love to extend this joy with You, offering a 3 day Summer Retreat.

You can look forward to ACIM talks, rebirthing sessions, expression sessions, silence, walks around the lake, dancing, movie watching as an awakening tool and also – we want to invite You to bring that which inspires you, to share with all of us (for example your musical instruments and songs, your yoga expertise etc.).

Workshop details:

Dates:  3.- 6. July

Times:  Arrival 14.00 Monday / Depature 16.00 Thursday

Sleeping options: Bring your own tent / Sleep at Constantia2 hotel for 250 - 450 kr. (10 minutes walk around the lake) / Sleep at home (although we recommend staying with the group energy).

Food:  Each participant will be asked to bring vegetarian food to share (maybe some fish). Cooking together will be part of the process.

Place:  Haveforeningen Søvang 78, 8230 Åbyhøj

Price:  1950 kr. (1500 kr. for those who have participated on the ‘Journey to Inner Peace’ course)


Sign up NOW to guarantee a place !

Maximum 8 participants

If you need further details or prefer to pay in cash or via bank transfer, you are welcome to email Douglas at or Maria at

Love and blessings,
Maria Lykke and Douglas Crawford


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