Double Release
kironJ Gardner and Douglas Crawford

kironJ and Douglas are delighted to offer this 'A Course in Miracles' (ACIM) and breathwork workshop.

As participants have experienced before, combining ACIM and rebirthing breathwork offers profound healing.

"I'm writing to thank you and Douglas for an amazingly different and exciting workshop. You both presented ways of working with ACIM in a totally new light for me. I've been studying the Course for ten years and embrace it as my path, but l felt today's blend of breathwork and penetrating self-enquiry gave me new and unforeseen tools to deepen my understanding and strengthen my resolve."

kironJ will lead an ACIM releasing process and Douglas will follow with a full rebirthing session. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with longstanding issues that might seem entrenched and immovable.

No prior experience of rebirthing is needed.

All are welcome !

Saturday 13th November

Times: 11.30am - 5.30pm UK time
(12.30am - 6.30pm DK time)

Place: Online

Price: 30 (250kr), 25 (200kr) or 20 (170kr), according to circumstances

Registration: To book and pay, please click one of these buttons.
Once registered, you will be sent joining instuctions the day before the event.




kironJ is an 'ACIM' teacher and healer, working in the UK and online.
kironJ is passionate about an experiential approach to studying 'ACIM', supporting students to welcome miracles into their relationships and their thinking. kironJ has recently worked with Nouk Sanchez and Corinne Zupko, and has been a speaker at Jennifer Hadley's Sunday with Spirit.



Douglas Crawford is English and currently lives in Denmark. He has been working with and teaching 'Source Breathwork' and ‘ACIM' for over 30 years. He has been running a one year course for 13 years in Denmark, entitled ‘A Journey to Inner Peace’. He also offers regular online breath meditations and ACIM readings.

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