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Douglas is available for running workshops and courses internationally. If you would like to organise an event near you, please go to his contact page for contact details.



20. October - Wednesday

Follow-up support evening

As a participant, or past participant, of the one year course, you are welcome to attend these gratis follow-up support evenings.

Place: H/F Søvang 78, 8230 Åbyhøj

Times: 19.00-21.00


. November - Evening Workshop

Source Breathwork (Rebirthing)

See full details and registration here >


13. November - Saturday - Online Workshop

Double Release

ACIM and Rebirthing Workshop

See full details here >



15. January 2022 - Afternoon workshop

Gratis Introduction Workshop to the one year course 'A Journey to Inner Peace'

See full details here >


5./6. February - One Year Course - First W/E

'A Journey to Inner Peace'

See full details here >



If you have any questions about an event or about payments, please contact Douglas at

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