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Douglas is available for running workshops and courses internationally. If you would like to organise an event near you, please go to his contact page for contact details.



Weekly Online Events:

Heart Readings - Every Tuesday - 20.00-20.20 (Danish time)

To see full list of Online events and to register, please click here > Online Events

4. August - Evening Workshop

Source Breathwork (Rebirthing)

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11. August - Wednesday

Follow-up support evening

As a participant, or past participant, of the one year course, you are welcome to attend these gratis follow-up support evenings.

Place: H/F Søvang 78, 8230 Åbyhøj

Times: 19.00-21.00


19. August - Evening Meeting

How can we cope with the current world situation?

See full details coming here >



13. November - Saturday - Online Workshop

Double Release

ACIM and Rebirthing Workshop

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If you have any questions about an event or about payments, please contact Douglas at

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