'Fear of Death'
One Day Rebirthing Workshop

Led by Douglas Crawford
Århus - Saturday 3. October

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The fear of death is very relevant in the current world crisis and lies at the core of why we social distance, wear masks and take vaccinations. If we are afraid of dying, we will try to alleviate that fear at all costs, and so we will do almost anything the authorities tell us to do, even if it takes our freedom away. However, this doesn’t really get rid of the fear, as we are trying to fix the effect and not the cause.

The fear of death is actually our greatest fear, and yet why are we afraid of dying when our soul / spirit is eternal?

In order to let go of this fear, we need to really understand why we are afraid and also the core beliefs underlying it.

During this workshop, we will explore this whole paradox, and we will also look at the world situation gently from the perspective of 'A Course in Miracles'.

There will be plenty of opportunity to share your feelings about what is going on. You will also experience a ‘Source Breathwork’ (Rebirthing) session to help heal the thoughts and feelings that get revealed to you while working with this issue.


This is an open day on the one year course, 'A Journey to Inner peace', and anyone may attend. You can see full details about this course here >

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Douglas has been working with and teaching ‘Source Breathwork’ and ‘A Course in Miracles’ for over 30 years internationally.

Date:  Saturday October 3.
Times: 10.00 - 18.00
750 Kr.

  Hjerterum, 3. sal, Mejlgade 95, Århus C.
- Opposite Østbanetorvet and near Nørreport letbanen station
- Nearest buses: 1A, 12, 15, 16, 18, 109, 200 (Nørreport)
- 17, 23 (Østboulevarden)

Please bring food to share for lunch.

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