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Do you want peace? Do you want happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose, and a sense of worth that transcends the world?

Then do join this One Year Course. This course uses 'Source Breathwork' (Rebirthing) and the principles from 'A Course in Miracles' to help you achieve this. It is led by Douglas Crawford in Aarhus, Denmark.

Please note that during any lockdown, there will be online workshops made available.

(2 short videos taken at an earlier interview)

Course Purpose:

The purpose of this One Year Course is to help us:

* Achieve peace, happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose, and a sense of worth that transcends the world.

* Identify and remove the barriers in ourselves we have built against this.

* Learn and practise the principles involved, so we can be at peace no matter what seems to be happening around us.

* Experience being more in the flow, and therefore manifest what we truly want in all areas of our lives.

* Awaken from the dream of separation and remember our true Selves.

Course Principles:

* Our love, health and happiness spring up spontaneously when we release our inner blocks.

* We can release our inner blocks when we feel safe and supported.

* Opening our hearts is not nearly as uncomfortable as when we shut them down in the first place.

* We remember our birth in every cell of our bodies. The decisions we make during pregnancy and birth lay a foundation for the beliefs and patterns that are activated in our lives.

* The conscious, connected breath is a direct way to access suppressed fears & negative feelings, so they can be healed.

* Looking gently at our fears and negative feelings, and being willing to see peace instead, is the way to let them go.

Course Content:

* Source Breathwork (Rebirthing) sessions at every meeting

* Questioning processes to help identify your inner blocks

* Working with the principles and lessons from A Course in Miracles

* Home assignments and working with other participants between meetings

* Learning simple tools that will help you in all areas of your life

* Gaining an integrated experience of how it is to be a Rebirther/therapist

* Plenty of opportunity to share and ask questions about your inner journey

* Sharing the journey with others, becoming part of a loving community and having fun!


This One Year Course can be taken as part of a 3 year education. Upon completion of the 3 years and the assignments given, you will receive a diploma as a 'Mastering Your Life' Rebirther.

Pictures from different years

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We usually start each day with a couple of songs that we sing together. Here is one such magical moment:

Comments from previous course participants:

"Being a part of this journey you so generously provide gives me some amount of hope of achieving to let go of many burdening core beliefs of mine. THANK you for being there so persistently and offering this space to me, as well as to the many others who are contributing in establishing a room of love and hope." Niels

"I get it now, after experiencing the workshops.... Our physical birth is the foundational experience upon which all our human experiences rest. It is also a replay of the original shock and trauma experience of separation.

So rebirthing helps us trace our steps back to Source, releasing the feelings that would block our awareness of Unity and Peace.

It is so very healing, bypassing our intellects, and allowing Spirit to move through us and loosen the ego's hold on the body in a very direct way....

I can see the infinite wisdom at work - for some it's very gentle, for others far more cathartic, each receiving and releasing as they are ready to, the Holy Spirit so obviously in charge.

Douglas is a truly inspired facilitator, gentle and present, and I am very grateful for his work with us. Douglas, I celebrate your work, providing these spaces for healing our minds through the medium of our bodies." Kironj (Miracle Network UK organiser)

"The 'Journey to Inner Peace' course was truly beneficial, allowing me to truly own some of the ideas and truths that I have struggled with for years. The combination of 'A Course in Miracles' work and the breath techniques were very healing. Thanks Douglas, you are inspirational but also reassuringly human and funny. it was a great experience." James

"I find working with Douglas deeply transformational and inspiring. The breathwork allows me to release very profound and unconscious pain, hurt, negativity etc., and I always go through a personal mini revolution after I have been to his workshops. His mindful manner and peaceful energy help me come closer to my centre" Maya

"Douglas creates a safe and caring space that gently expands through his presence and guidance. The heart is able to relax and open so that real healing becomes a possibility. After working with Douglas I have experienced a deeper understanding and have felt real forgiveness for myself and others. And the space that has been created allows more in depth work to be done - a true gift." Chris



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