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The program consists of 3 Weekends and 6 Saturdays + Optional follow-up support evenings between meetings:

1) Weekend - February 2./3.

Do you want Peace above all else ?

Experience the connection with your new family on this weekend as we explore the principles from 'A Course in Miracles' (ACIM) for achieving inner peace.


2) Saturday - March 9. - One day workshop (Open Day)

Is this really a Dream ?

Why are we here?
What is the purpose of life, the world and the body?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Have we been looking in all the wrong places for the answers?

We will look at how scientists now see what’s really going on here and how ‘A Course in Miracles’ takes this understanding to a whole new level.


3) Saturday - April 6.

Working with the early 'ACIM' lessons

We will study and practise the first lessons in ACIM, and discover a deeper meaning behind the seemingly simple form of the lessons.

4) Saturday - May 11.

Is Birth Trauma deliberate ?

Do we choose life, our parents and our birth experience? Discover why we are born the way we are, and how our birth experience can affect our lives.

5) June - 22./23. - Open Weekend

What are Relationships for ?

With Douglas Crawford and guest teacher Marianne Pedersen.

Have your relationships ever truly worked for you?
We will explore a purpose for relationships that will help us extend the divine love that is already in our hearts to all living things.


6) Saturday - August 31.

The Body, Sex and Money

Are these areas in your life where you get into a lot of trouble? We will look at why they are so problematic and how to use them to heal our minds.


7) Saturday - September 28. - Open Day

The Ideal Patient-Therapist Relationship

ACIM gives clear guidelines on this relationship, and this helps us in our role when rebirthing or giving other forms of therapy to others.


8) Saturday - November 2.

Do we need to Plan anything ?

We will explore letting go of the ‘defence’ of planning this meeting, and allow the theme most appropriate for the group at this time to be revealed to us.

9) Weekend - November 30./December 1.

Development of Trust - Final Questions

We will look at the development of trust according to ACIM, and how it is seen as a journey. / Integration of the year’s work and any final questions.



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