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The program consists of 3 Weekends and 6 Saturdays + Optional follow-up support evenings between meetings:

1) Weekend - February 2./3.

Do you want Peace above all else ?

Experience the connection with your new family on this weekend as we explore the principles from 'A Course in Miracles' (ACIM) for achieving inner peace.


2) Saturday - March 9. - Open Day

Is this really a Dream ?

A look at Quantum Physics, Meta-physics and the ‘secret dream’ according to ‘ACIM’. We will learn about the purpose of life and what’s really going on here.


3) Saturday - April 6.

Working with the early 'ACIM' lessons

We will study and practise the first lessons in ACIM, and discover a deeper meaning behind the seemingly simple form of the lessons.

4) Saturday - May 11.

Is Birth Trauma deliberate ?

Do we choose life, our parents and our birth experience? Discover why we are born the way we are, and how our birth experience can affect our lives.

5) June - 22./23. - Open Weekend

What are Relationships for ?

With guest teacher Marianne Pedersen. Have your relationships ever truly worked for you? We will explore a new purpose for relationships that helps us awaken from the dream of separation.


6) Saturday - August 31.

The Body, Sex and Money

Are these areas in your life where you get into a lot of trouble? We will look at why they are so problematic and how to use them to heal our minds.


7) Saturday - September 28. - Open Day

The Ideal Patient-Therapist Relationship

ACIM gives clear guidelines on this relationship, and this helps us in our role when rebirthing or giving other forms of therapy to others.

8) Saturday - November 2.

Do we need to Plan anything ?

We will explore letting go of the ‘defence’ of planning this meeting, and allow the theme most appropriate for the group at this time to be revealed to us.

9) Weekend - November 30./December 1.

Development of Trust - Final Questions

We will look at the development of trust according to ACIM, and how it is seen as a journey. / Integration of the year’s work and any final questions.



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