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The program now consists of 4 Weekends and 4 Saturdays with optional follow-up support evenings in between.


1) Weekend - March 6./7.

Heal your birth - Transform your life !

Our birth experience sets the stage for our experience thereafter. This weekend we will focus on healing birth, and birthing you gently into this new family.



2/3) Weekend - April 10./11.

What is the key to happiness ? - Saturday - Open Day

We will explore the key principles from 'A Course in Miracles' (ACIM), and a radical new form of forgiveness that leads to lasting inner peace.

The Ego - Does it have a hidden plan ? - Sunday

Once we have a clue about what's really going on in the mind, and why, then we have a chance of awakening from this dream of separation.


4) Saturday - May 8.

Is the current world crisis a gift ?

We will have a gentle look at the world situation and our greatest fear, the fear of death. We will practise our new form of forgiveness to see the crisis in a totally new way, and as part of a global awakening process.


5) Weekend - June 19./20.

The Journey through our Feelings - Open Weekend

With guest teacher Marianne Pedersen.
There are no ‘bad’ feelings? How can this be true? We will focus on this question and look at the wisdom behind feelings like: boredom, anger, guilt, sadness, loneliness, frustration etc.



6) Saturday - September 4.

Daily Mind Training Practice

We will explore the practice of working with the 'ACIM' Workbook lessons, Journalling, and Meditation techniques.


7) Saturday - October 2.

Is Sickness a Decision ? - Open Day

Discover the real cause of sickness from the perspective of 'A Course in Miracles', and explore the 2 phases that all sickness goes through, according to 'Meta Health'.


8) Saturday - November 6.

Relationships - Prison or Classroom ?

Relationships, especially intimate relationships, can seem the most challenging aspect of our lives. Discover that when we change their purpose from trying to complete ourselves, to a classroom, then they can truly help us on our awakening journey.


9) Weekend - December 4./5.

Life Purpose / Completion & Final Questions

We will explore the theme of life purpose, and following our inner guidance / We will also review the year's work, the daily practices and deepen into how it is to be a Master Rebirther / Final questions !



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