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Gratis Introduction Afternoon - Saturday January 15.

Experience a 'Source Breathwork' (Rebirthing) session and find out all about this one year course. All are welcome !

Place:  Hjerterum, Guldsmedgade 26b, st., 8000 Århus
Time:  14.00 - 18.00

Please register as soon as possible for this afternoon workshop. You can do this by filling in your name and email, and clicking 'submit' below.

As there is a lot of interest in this event, to avoid being over crowded please only attend if you have a genuine interest in attending the one year course.

Please bring a blanket and mat if you have one.
Many thanks !




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The program consists of 3 Weekends and 6 Saturdays with optional follow-up support evenings in between.

1) Weekend - February 5./6.

What are the keys to Happiness ?

Experience the connection with your new family this weekend as we explore the principles of ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM), and a radical new form of forgiveness that leads to lasting inner peace.



2) Saturday - March 5.

'I see only the Past'

We will practise working with the lessons from ACIM, with a focus on Lesson 7, 'I see only the past'. We will see how our perception of time is a great distraction from achieving inner peace.



3) Saturday - April 2.

The Body, Sex and Money - Open Day

Are these areas in your life where you get into a lot of trouble? Discover how they are all a great setup to give us endless problems and keep us mindless.


4) Saturday - May 7.

Living in the current world situation

Can we perceive the world with love instead of fear? We will work with our greatest fear, the fear of death, and look at the 3 ways of living in the world.


5) Weekend - June 18./19.

Do we pre-plan our life here ? - Open Weekend

With guest teacher Marianne Pedersen.
Do we choose our parents, our birth and all our patterns? We will explore pre-birth planning, and look at the decisions we may have made when we took our first breath.



6) Saturday - September 3.

Our Rules our Reality

We will focus on the rules that run our lives, and what happens when someone breaks our rules, when we break our own rules and when rules conflict.


7) Saturday - October 1.

Listening to Inner Guidance - Open Day

Which inner guide are we listening to? We will explore the difference between right and wrong minded guidance when decision making.


8) Saturday - November 5.

People Pleasing or Pleasing People ?

We will look at serving versus saving, setting boundaries, and honouring our own true sovereignty.


9) Weekend - December 3./4.

Willingness / Completion & Final Questions

We will work with our willingness and any resistance we still have to looking within. We will also review the year's work, the daily practices and deepen into how it is to be a Master Rebirther / Final questions !



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