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Wednesday 10. January 19.00 - 21.30

Saturday 20. January 14.00 - 18.00


Experience a 'Source Breathwork' (Rebirthing) session and find out all about this course. All are welcome!

Place: Hjerterum, Guldsmedgade 26b, Århus C.

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The program consists of 3 weekends and 6 Saturdays with follow-up support evenings in between.


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1) Weekend - January 27./28.

What is the Key to Happiness ?

Experience the connection with your new family this weekend as we explore the principles from ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM), and a radical new form of forgiveness that leads to lasting inner peace.



2) Saturday - March 9.

The Ego Mind and it's Hidden Agenda ? - Guest Day

Once we have a clue about what's really going on in the mind, and why, then we have a chance of awakening from this dream of separation.



3) Saturday - April 13.

'I am never upset for the reason I think.' (W-5)

We will look at daily mind training practice and the lessons from 'ACIM'. At this meeting, we will focus on healing victim consciousness using Workbook lesson Nr. 5.


4) Saturday - May 25.

Relationships - Prison or Classroom ?

Are relationships the most challenging aspect of your lives? Have they ever really worked for you? Discover how we can master relationships by changing their purpose from a prison to a classroom.


5) Weekend - June 22./23.

Our Rules our Reality / Healing Birth - Guest Weekend

With guest teacher Marianne Pedersen.
We will focus on how our rules run our lives, and what happens when our rules get broken or when they conflict. / We will learn how our experience at birth sets the stage for the rest of our lives.



6) Saturday - September 7.

Is Sickness a Decision ?

Discover the real cause of sickness from the perspective of 'ACIM', and the 2 phases that all sickness goes through, according to 'Meta Health'.


7) Saturday - October 5.

Is Punishment ever the Answer ? - Guest Day

Looking at the world situation, we can see a common desire for justice for the things we think have been done to us. We will look at how 'ACIM' gives us another perspective on justice and punishment.


8) Saturday - November 2.

What is our Life Purpose ?

We will explore why we are here, what is our function in the world, and what it means to follow right, and wrong minded, inner guidance.


9) Weekend - December 7./8.

Is this really a Dream ? / Completion

We will examine Quantum physics, Meta-physics and the secret dream according to 'ACIM'. We will learn about the purpose of the world, the body and the 5 senses. / We will also review the year's work and how to continue with the daily practice. - Final questions !



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