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Gratis Introduction Workshop:

Wednesday 17. January 19.00 - 21.30

Experience a 'Source Breathwork' (Rebirthing) session and find out all about this one year course. All are welcome !

Place: Hjerterum, Guldsmedgade 26b, st., 8000 Aarhus

Please register as soon as possible for this workshop. You can do this by clicking the link below. Places will be limited.

Register for gratis intro. on 17. January

As there is a lot of interest in this event, to avoid being over crowded please only attend if you have a genuine interest in attending the one year course.

Please bring a blanket and mat if you have one.

Many thanks !



The program consists of 3 Weekends and 6 Saturdays with follow-up support evenings in between:

1) Weekend - January 27./28.

What is the Key to Happiness ?

Experience the connection with your new family this weekend as we explore the principles from A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and a radical new form of forgiveness that leads to lasting inner peace.

2) Saturday - March 2.

The Mind and its Hidden Agenda - Guest Day

Once we have a clue about what's really going on in the mind, and why, then we have a chance of awakening from this dream of separation.

3) Saturday - April 20.

'I am never upset for the reason I think' (W-5)

We will look at daily mind training practice and the lessons from 'ACIM'. At this meeting, we will focus on healing victim consciousness using lesson Nr. 5 from the Workbook of ACIM.

4) Saturday - May 25.

Relationships - Prison or Classroom ?

Are relationships the most challenging aspect of your lives? Have they ever really worked for you? Discover how we can master relationships by changing their purpose from a prison to a classroom.

5) Weekend - June 22./23.

Our Rules our Reality // Healing Birth - Guest Weekend

With guest teacher Marianne Pedersen.

We will focus on how our rules run our lives, and what happens when our rules get broken or when they conflict. // We will learn how our experience at birth sets the stage for the rest of our lives.


6) Saturday - September 7.

Is Sickness a Decision ?

Discover the real cause of sickness from the perspective of 'ACIM', and the 2 phases that all sickness goes through, according to 'Meta Health'.

7) Saturday - October 5.

Is Punishment ever the Answer ? - Guest Day

Looking at the world situation, we can see a common desire for justice for the things we think have been done to us. We will look at how 'ACIM' gives us another perspective on justice and punishment.

8) Saturday - November 2.

Life Purpose

We will explore why we are here, what is our function in the world, and what it means to follow right, and wrong minded, inner guidance.

9) Weekend - December 7./8.

Is this really a Dream ? // Completion

We will examine Quantum physics, Meta-physics and the secret dream according to 'ACIM'. We will learn about the purpose of the world, the body and the 5 senses. // We will also review the year's work and how to continue with the daily practice. - Final questions !




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