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Almost everyone at some time has encountered problems in a relationship. This could be a relationship with a partner, family member, friend or someone at work. While the principles involved in healing all relationships are the same, we will be focusing mainly on healing intimate relationships.

Because we spend so much time and energy with a partner and our lives are so intertwined, it can often seem as if this kind of relationship is the most difficult for us.

The image that we see in the world, at least in Western society, is that we come together with a partner to complete ourselves in some way. We also see the image, especially in movies and romantic stories, that once we have made the commitment to one 'special' person we will live happily ever after.

We all know, however, that this is not what happens for most of us !!!!

We very soon can start having uncomfortable feelings and emotions in our relationship and start judging and blaming the other for all of it. We may even consider leaving our partner and thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

Of course, there are situations when it is appropriate for us to leave a partner. However, by staying in a relationship and working through the difficulties there is a great opportunity to really discover ourselves and find lasting inner peace.

It is important to let go of the idea that our 'special' partner is there to complete us and start to use the relationship as a classroom. In this way we can remove all our inner blocks and so find lasting inner peace. When we do this we can transform our relationship from a 'special relationship' to a 'holy relationship' where we can establish true union.

We are not saying this can be done over night. We know that it takes a lot of practice together and some guidance to get you on the right road. Your first step is to really get to the point where you feel there has to be another way from the way you have been doing it and to start to take back the responsibility for your own happiness.

We, Marianne and Douglas, have been working with these principle, which are based on 'A Course in Miracles', for over 25 years and our greatest joy is to serve and help others heal their relationships. We would like to help you see that your intimate relationship can be your greatest classroom and your greatest opportunity. Just know that the hardest part is at the beginning and that it gets easier and easier and a lot more FUN !

We are happy to work with you individually or as a couple. You may ask to work with either one of us or both. We are also available for talks and workshops on this important theme.

Please call or email us on:
Marianne Pedersen 42 76 26 80
Douglas Crawford 86 25 21 71

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