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You can have the following types of session or talks with me in Aarhus, Denmark, as follows:

'Source Breathwork' (Rebirthing)

ACIM Coaching

Relationship Coaching



Source Breathwork:

Source Breathwork can help with many issues, including:

Pain - Stress - Anger - Conflict - Addictions - Anxiety - Trauma - Depression - Fears - Phobias - Relationships problems - Allergies - Sexual problems - Weight problems - Breathing Problems - Blood Pressure - Guilt - Headaches - Etc. - Etc.

A Source Breathwork session generally takes about one and a half hours. As a breathworker, my first intention is to provide a direct experience of safety and support. Before the multidimensional breathwork, I spend time getting to know you and finding out what is happening in your life right now. I work from my own integrated experience and use diagnostic and resonance questions to provide clarity for our work together. We then move into the breathwork part of the session where you lay down comfortably on a massage table. I will be with you all the time, listening, assisting you to connect your breath and supporting you to move gently through any energy blocks that arise.

Life enhancing thoughts and declarations will be spoken to you to facilitate the experience of safety, innocence and support, which is your birthright. Your breathing builds into a strong rhythm that is deeply relaxing, revitalising and natural. As it rises to a peak, long suppressed thoughts and emotions, maybe laughter or tears, come to the surface to be released and healed. You will then experience your sense of connection. You no longer feel separate from your essential Self.

You are the one who chooses how many breathwork sessions you want to experience. Ten sessions are recommended to successfully integrate conscious, life enhancing ways of thinking, breathing and being.

Taking a breath is not something you need to learn. You have been breathing on your own for a long time now. What you can learn is:

How to release stress and create vitality, wholeness and safety.

How to remember, release and heal any life-diminishing decisions you have made.

How to create and live the life you want.

For more about Source Breathwork, please see details here >

Appointments are available by arrangement and you may book a regular weekly or fortnightly session if you wish.

Source Breathwork session - 1.5 hours - Price: Kr. 700

Price for 10 sessions: Kr. 5500,- paid in advance

Concessions are available for those on very low income.

(In Danish, aandedraet terapi is similar to Source Breathwork.)

One of my clients says:

"I mainly consulted Douglas due to symptoms of stress, negative thinking patterns and persistent asthma attacks. His warmth, focused presence and great sense of humour created a truly welcoming and safe atmosphere the first time I came to see him. Combined with the immediate effect of the breathwork, it made me come back and have ten sessions. Each breathwork session was a long, powerful and exciting journey during which old tensions and blocks were released - leaving me with a substantial feeling of being more focused, calm and relaxed. My asthma attacks have been considerably reduced and breathing is consequently a lot easier than it used to be. Furthermore, working with Douglas has inspired me to go on a spiritual journey towards a more divine, peaceful and balanced life." Christin E.


ACIM Coaching:

Many students of 'A Course in Miracles' (ACIM) find it difficult to really understand what it is saying, and also to consistently do what it is teaching us to do. We often need support and guidance with such a profound teaching. I have been working with ACIM for over 33 years and can bring clarity to its message and can also point out some of the pitfalls you might encounter in your practice along the way.

Price for 1 hour session: 500,-


Relationship Coaching:

* Do you believe loving relationships are possible?

* Do you find it difficult to relate from your heart rather than your head?

* Are you ready to begin the journey back to your heart? You are invited along a path which may be very different from the one you have walked before. The sessions are based on nine principles to help you experience more healthy, peaceful and joyful relationships. These principles are based on A Course in Miracles.

Sessions can be for individuals or couples.

Price for 1 hour session: 500,-

Please call or email me for further details or to arrange a session....



I am happy to come and give talks in your home or local centre on a variety of topics about achieving inner peace and healing according to the principles or 'A Course in Miracles' (ACIM) and 'Source Breathwork' (Rebirthing). Please contact me for details and options.


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