Source Breathwork (Rebirthing)


Source Breathwork (Rebirthing) is a system for healing the negative decisions that we made at birth and during early childhood. These decisions are at the core of all human conflict. (Source Breathwork is a form of Rebirthing or aandedraetsterapi.)

'Source Breathwork' (Rebirthing) is founded on the following principles:

* Thought plus energy creates result in our experience of the physical.

* Our experience of conception, pregnancy and birth is directly related to the way we approach the creative process in life.

* The quality of birth affects the quality of life, and thus impacts and shapes the quality of society.

* The conscious, connected breath is the most direct way to access suppressed fears and feelings, so that they can be healed.

* Personal power is the ability to choose. All of our choices make a difference.

* Everyone deserves safe, loving support in community.

* The attitudes and patterns of each individual translate to the attitudes and patterns displayed by nations.

The Purpose of 'Source Breathwork' (Rebirthing) is to:

* Focus on these foundation principles.

* Facilitate the safe and effective release of victim consciousness.

* Promote gentle birthing practices.

* Encourage the integration of the Archetypal Affirmations, the pathway to living in Creator consciousness.

Source Breathwork is a powerful breathing process, based on the philosophy that thought is creative. Transformation occurs through the use of a simple, yet profound, connected breathing technique together with life enhancing thoughts and declarations.

The process helps you release old, negative thought patterns and feelings and so gives you freedom to develop new ways of living, loving and connecting. The essential breathing technique that is used has been known to Yogis and mystics for centuries as a way of cleansing the body and liberating the spirit. In the 20th century it was developed in America as a tool to go deeper into examining and healing the most profound trauma of our lives, the birth process.

You remember your birth in every cell of your body. This is true even though there may be no conscious memory of what happened. Together with the safe, loving guidance of a breathworker you can begin to connect with your birth, start to see where your most life-diminishing patterns have come from, and change them.

Source Breathwork can help with many issues, including:

Pain - Stress - Anger - Conflict - Addictions - Anxiety - Trauma - Depression - Fears - Phobias - Relationships problems - Allergies - Sexual problems - Weight problems - Breathing Problems - Blood Pressure - Guilt - Headaches - Etc. - Etc.

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'Source Breathwork' was developed by Binnie A. Dansby. Click here to visit the official 'Source Breathwork' web site.


"I'd like to say how much I myself got out of Douglas Crawford's "Source Breathworking" in the past. Put simply, for me this is the most powerful emotional therapy I have ever known, and Douglas is a wonderful "enabler" in this, to whom I am immensely grateful for his help." (Scott Doane, Festival Organiser, Sun and Moon Festival)


Qualified Rebirthers trained by me:

Regitze Berg - regitzeberg[@]

Jan Frislev - frislev76[@]

Gunvor Videsen - gv[@]

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